Monday, June 3, 2013

adventure time part 2013

I tried to explore Geneva during my layover this afternoon, and took the wrong bus and ended up in France. Somehow, I always end up in France.

My commute to Prague took over 24 hours due to several delays and subsequent missed connections. While preferable to my  40 hour commute to Shanghai (which is an unpleasant story), the mall in Tokyo is better than the mall in Geneva (and has a movie theater,) and so this experience felt a little worse. Though, I will admit that the airline was showing Blancanieves, which I highly endorse. So much for my (only) relaxing day in Prague! I shouldn’t feel too bad, because appropriate descriptors of Prague right now include “soggy” and “possibly full of escaped wet zoo animals.”

I will be working with an NGO called People In Need for several weeks in Prague studying social inclusion and disaster relief systems. I am taking a brief hiatus midway through that to take a weekend trip up to Dresden! Then there will be more adventures until the end of August. Much of those adventures (if not all of them) involve learning. I will discuss them as they come along!

Also, Julian and I just moved out of our apartment over the weekend, so I really am a vagabond. A sleeping vagabond! Hooray!

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